Harley Throttle Control Klever Lever AKA Speed Cruise Control - Chrome

$ 9.95

Simple most affordable throttle assist lock control for Harley Davidson.  The legendary "Klever Lever" By Tomahawk Moto-Cycle Accessories has been making riders happier all over the world for over 12 years now. Once you have one you won't ride without it ever again. Ask any rider who has one and they will tell you "best thing I have ever put on my bike" fits on your thumbscrew between the throttle and idle cables to ease the use of the screw.

Watch customer review of the Klever Lever!

  • Easy installation snaps on in just seconds!!
  • Fits FXR and Softail models from 1984 to present (with thumbscrew cruise control)
  • Also known as Cruise Control or Throttle Control
  • Injection molded plastic
  • Patent pending

Installation Instructions:

  1. Tighten throttle thumbscrew until throttle stay engages.
  2. Loosen screw until throttle stay disengages.
  3. Install the Klever Lever so that the lever is closest to the front throttle cable.

It should only take a 1/4 turn to engage a properly working throttle.

If the Klever Lever does not easily slip on, turn it over, its keyed.


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All of the Tomahawk Moto-Cycle Accessories are custom hand built items.  The work we do includes, hand selecting the steel, cutting, bending, and shaping the steel utilizing our hand made custom die's and fixtures.  We then take that cut, bent, or shaped steel and polish it ourselves.  We do this in order to maintain a higher level of quality, which we can then pass off to one of our hand selected quality finishers.  The finishing companies we work with are the best in the nation, and are the only ones that can give us the type of quality that has come to be standard with our brand.  Every finish we provide must be show quality, and we rigorously inspect each finished item we receive back from our finishers.

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