Additional Bars and Pads For Your Honda Fury - Sold Separately Here

$ 63.00

Hello and welcome to where we keep our bars and pads purchasable separately to add to your current order, or if you are a repeat customer and want to get another look for your bike.

We discount these bars and pads so that you can experience the full potential of having multiple styles and looks for your ride at an affordable price.

Since our Honda Fury receiver will fit all the bars listed here, you have plenty of choices to make :).

Life is better with choices!


And keep the shiny up! 


**Our bars will only fit our receivers.  If you own a sissy bar that isn't ours, these bars will NOT fit your bike :(

If you have any questions, you can leave us a voicemail or text us a question at (530) 830-0026.


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Believe me, I understand that everyone has a different budget, but I want you to have access to any thing we manufacture and sell here!

So, don't hesitate to make an offer that makes sense for both of us. Help us help you move a few steps closer to customizing your ride, or simply keeping it operational.

D. Friedrichs - President

MotoGateway, Inc.

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