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Our sissy bar, or passenger backrest, kits are the best quality, best looking kits on the market. The sissy bar is a great addition back of your motorcycle if you take passengers on your bike often.Try our sissy bar kit for your Victory Jackpot.

We design our receivers to have a clean look that fits the look of your Jackpot perfectly. This kit includes the quick disconnect receivers for quick and easy removal and comes with either our IMC style or Chopper style sissy bar to give your bike a sleek look and your passenger a comfortable ride. The kit is available in Black Powder Coat or Triple Finish Show Chrome.

MotoGateway provides top-of-the-line parts and gear for street, off-road and cruiser motorcycles. Our mission is to help our customers keep their motorcycle in top condition and to custom build their own ride. We specialize in different sissy bar configurations and decorative components for many motorcycles, including the Victory Jackpot.

Shop MotoGateway for the perfect sissy bars for cruiser-style motorcycles.

How did sissy bars get their name? Posted on 3 Sep 16:52 , 0 comments

The sissy bar story:

A sissy bar, also called a "sister bar,"  is a passenger backrest. The sissy bar is an addition to the back of your motorcycle that allows the rider or passenger to recline against it while riding. Usually attached to the rear fender struts, they can come with or without leather pads, and can also be used as a support for helmets, backpacks and other gear. Inspired by its motorcycle counterpart, a smaller version of the sissy bar was a common feature on 1960s- and 70s-era wheelie bikes, such as the Schwinn Sting-Ray and the Raleigh Chopper. This extended backrest, which attached to the rear of the bike's banana seat, gave a passenger something to lean back on and hold on to besides the rider doing the pedaling.  For cruiser-style motorcycles they are usually affixed to the rear fender struts, and are typically made of chrome-plated steel with a foam padded seatback for comfort. A backrest for a touring motorcycle is often shorter and less elaborate and may be built into a top box.

If you're interested in getting your very own sissy bar:

MotoGateway provides top-of-the-line sissy bars for Honda Fury, Triumph, Victory and Indian motorcylces.  

We can build a sissy bar for your bike too.

We specialize in different sissy bar configurations and decorative components. and if you we don't currently make a sissy bar for your bike, don't hesitate to ask us to make one specific to your ride.  We've been bending up custom sissy bars for years, even if your bike is unique we can custom design one specifically for your bike.  Call us at 530-830-0026 and leave us a message, we will call you back within 24 hours to discuss what your looking for.

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