Honda Fury and the Lambda sissy bar. Posted on 30 Sep 13:36

Sometimes things just line up for no good reason, and you just have to roll with it.  

Imagine a world where function and form come together and are actually affordable. Well, this is just such a combination, the lambda bar was born because we wanted something simple, affordable, and it had to look awesome.  Good luck, right? That's exactly what we thought as well. Originally we came up with a straight bar design, but decided to add a swope version as well, and on top of that we went with an 18 inch old-school chopper style version. Once we saw it on the Honda fury, we knew it was a perfect fit, it was the look we were hoping for.

Take a look for yourself, and give us feedback, we'd love to hear from you.  When you evaluate it, keep one thing in mind, most sissy bars that you can find for the Honda fury attach to the fender. Our design had to have function.  Attaching a sissy bar, which is used to brace the passenger and keep them from falling off the back, should never be attached to a fender. Think about it, a fender is made out of thin light weight aluminum in most cases. Would you really want your partner in life leaning back against something like that. We don't think so, we designed this to mount to the frame. Although the design process took longer we ended up with a highly functional sissy bar back rest for the Honda fury. 

We have 3 designs:

  1. 12 inch straight bar
  2. 14 inch swope
  3. 18 inch swope


We also offer 4 different finishes:

  1. Triple finish show chrome (mirror like finish)
  2. Black-Chrome (ridiculously sick)
  3. Traditional gloss black powder coat.
  4. Matte black powder coat (highly durable, matches the Honda fury Matte black)

Keeping your passenger safe while looking good is a bonus!

Go ride!:-)